Business immersion of 40 weeks minimum for all students
A minimum of 3 months abroad for all students
​The possibility of a gap year between the 2nd and 3rd year of the Engineering Cycle


  • 1st year of the engineering cycle
    • o a worker internship (4 weeks in a company)
    • o Industrial visits as part of the Industrial Management Initiation modules (IMI - 1 week of visits)
    • o an observation internship in Geology (1 week field-work)
  • 2nd year of the engineering cycle
    • o a shadowing internship (1 week in a company accompanying a manager)
    • o a research internship (12 weeks minimum in an academic or industrial laboratory abroad)
  • 3rd year of the engineering cycle
    • o Industrial audit (2 weeks in business)
    • o Optional industrial visits (1 to 3 weeks of field-work depending on the chosen option)
    • o Option work (18 weeks in a company)
  • Gap year: optional long internship between 2nd and 3rd year